The vineyards and the winery are merely fruit of what we are truly passionate about: the land.

At Caves Avinyó we are committed to continuing the legacy left to us by our ancestors. From them we learned this trade, the love of the land, and the passion for a job well done, so we follow their methodology in our cultivation of the vineyards and apply our knowledge of sustainable and respectful viticulture. The land comprising the property is our greatest treasure and, without a doubt, an essential element in producing unique wines with personality.


The experience passed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years of winegrowing, together with our family tradition, have given us a way of understanding what we do and a commitment to how we do it:


Because by respecting the process
we know where we are going.



Know the origins
so you know what to do.



Know how to do it
to make the right choices.



Choose to do it well
and respect the process.



The art of understanding and respecting the land which gives life to our products

We spend most of our time working in the vineyards. Because properly making good cava is not just about time spent in the cellar, the most important work happens outdoors. To harvest a good grape we need to be respectful of the environment. We need to understand the yearly cycle, and work each day to ensure a healthy, balanced and quality harvest that can express the full potential of the terroir. As a result of our commitment to the traditional origins and methods of agriculture, adapted to our times, we are certified organic agricultural producers.



Accompanying the vines

To improve the quality of our grapes, when the vineyards are at rest in winter it is time for pruning. In this process, we look at each vine as a single entity. We evaluate its growth, and take stock of its production history and health status. With this analysis, we determine the type of pruning necessary to achieve the highest quality production.

Balancing growth and fruiting

In spring everything is reborn, and it is the most magical time of the year. The buds have already burst and new green shoots abound. Pruning at this time aims to balance growth and fruiting, encouraging the vine to produce less but to feed the grapes more efficiently, thus achieving better concentration and quality of the must.

Optimal ripening

Summer is when our year-long work in the vineyards really becomes evident. The grapes are now about the size of a pea, and it’s time for leaf removal, which consists of eliminating the leaves that cover and hide the fruit, for better ventilation and ripening. Then ripening proceeds unhindered and the grape harvest is getting closer every day.


At Caves Avinyó we do follow some of the precepts of biodynamic viticulture, such as how the phases of the moon have effects on life and its cycles. This also applies to vineyards, and at Avinyó we strive to understand and take advantage of the lunar cycles to control the quality of our grapes. For example, if we want the fruit to have a more strident character, we’ll harvest in the ascendant phase or, on the other hand, for softer notes we’ll harvest in the waning phase. In summer, tilling is done in the waning phase to conserve soil moisture; in winter we do it in the ascendant phase when the soil is dry and favourable to evaporation. If we plant a new vine or a new vineyard, we always do this in the ascendant phase. At Avinyó, we feel it is very important to ensure that nature feeds on its own energy.


The art of making products that express their very essence.

The style and personality of our sparkling wines are determined by the varieties we cultivate, by our soils and, above all, by the microclimates of our estates.
Our understanding of viticulture is based on the interpretation of these three factors.
The proximity of the winery to the vineyards means we get all the fruit in its best condition, and the separate vinification of the produce allows us to express the full potential of our terroirs in unique and very expressive wines.


Logically you would think that this simply takes place in the vineyard, but in fact it is a process managed between the field and the winery. The last but most important phase in the vineyard is the observation of ripening, to determine the optimal day for harvesting. In this, of course, it is not the winegrower who has the last word, but the climate, and no two harvests are the same. Once again, nature sets the pace, and we do our best to listen to it, and to understand it.


Having a deep understanding of your estate allows you to be able to work it with clear objectives. The separate vinification of each plot means we can fully respect the characteristics of each grape variety to express the unique character of the different soils of the estates. After fermentation, we undertake a tasting process to ensure the coupage that best suits the style that distinguishes Avinyó cavas.


And finally, the cellar. Where the passion of all our work in the vineyards and the winery rests. The passage of time, in the silence and darkness of the cellar, gives light and life to our Reserva and Gran Reserva cavas. The long ageing processes round off the cavas, while the yeasts, with time, provide creaminess and volume. With freshness and a very fine bubble, our sparkling wines offer an attractive and unique personality.
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