La Guàrdia


These vineyards, situated 350 metres above sea level, are the highest and wildest of our property.

These lands originate from the tertiary period of the middle Miocene, so there are numerous marine fossils in the soil.

The grape variety grown is Muscat de Frontignan. Located on top of large stone slabs, its soil isn’t very fertile but it is well drained with a sandy texture and an accumulation of clumps of calcium carbonate. In several cases, the layer of earth is not more than 50 cm. It alternates with wooded areas, with large varieties of shrubs and plants of great ecological value. In order to deal with the sloping ground, the vineyards are located on five terraces, which makes tending to the vines more difficult.

The altitude of the plot, together with the southern orientation of the estate, means it receives a lot of sun. Thanks to the warm southwest wind, known as llebeig-garbí, and the southerly wind, known as migjorn, humidity disappears and, in summer, the temperatures remain temperate.