The winery


The winery is located in the centre of the main estate. This location is not by chance. This is a way of ensuring that grapes coming from the vineyards arrive at the winery within a few minutes, without losing quality or freshness.

Our oenologist is responsible for quality control and deciding, among other things, the perfect moment for the grape harvest, knowing the optimal point of ripening.

The harvest is always carried out at daybreak. This ensures the coolest temperature of the day to prevent oxidation of the grape. Once collected, we quickly take the grapes to the winery where we gently press only 0.2 bars to extract the flower must.

Alcoholic fermentation is carried out in tanks at a low temperature (16oC). Here the must has already become wine. Now is the time to transfer it to other tanks to remove the yeasts that have precipitated, until the wine is clean and crystalline, which is an ideal moment to taste the wines one by one to define the blend.